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5 Reasons why Sweating is Healthy for You

Reasons why Sweating is Healthy for You

Some gauge the success of their workout by how much they've sweat. Others hate the look and smell of sweat, thus, avoid it at all costs. Sure, sweating can stain clothing and doesn’t give off a scent of roses. However, if you don't sweat, prepare to take a quick turn south.

Sweating is a very critical and biological function of the human body. Here are 5 reasons why sweat should be you embraced like a bear hug. 

#1 Sweat Helps with Detoxification

The main channel for detoxification is through your skin. When you sweat, toxins, dirt and pathogens that have been trapped inside your pores are released. Result: more glowing and clear skin, as well as prevention of many skin conditions.

If you sweat regularly, make sure to follow-up with proper cleansing in order to get softer and smoother skin.

#2 Sweat Cools You Off

Your body’s primary channel for cooling off is through sweating. Those who are unable to sweat - due to a disorder - have a dangerous risk for high body temperatures, resulting in heat stroke or exhaustion.

Thus, for those of us who sweat regularly - as body temperature increases due to exercise, weather or other, the more sweat your body creates in order to cool down.

#3 Sweat Improves Immunity

As your body gets rid of pathogens and toxins through detoxification, your immune system becomes also stronger. Think of when you have a fever: your body temperature increases, which results in bacteria and viruses that are in your body to be destroyed. Then when you sweat, the extra heat - along with bacteria and viruses - are released from your system.

Studies have also found that sweat contains dermcidin – positively charged antimicrobial peptides, which attract and break down negatively charged bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is believed that these naturally occurring chemicals may have the potential to be more effective than antibiotic medicines!

#4 Sweat Signals a Good Workout

Sweating can be a great signal that your heart rate has increased due to your light jog, run, weight lifting, biking or other. Meaning: your body is thanking you for the cardiovascular benefits from the workout.  

#5 Sweat may lower your risk of kidney stones

Studies show that regular sweating may lower your risk of developing kidney stones. How? Because sweating flushes out salt through the skin and retains calcium in the bone. Thus, this keeps salt and calcium from going into your kidneys - where there’s a high chance that they will accumulate and build stones.

When you exercise, always remember to stay hydrated in order to replace the fluids that your body loses as you sweat. 

Your Turn!

Sweating is critical function in maintaining a healthy body! So don't be afraid of a little funk - just make sure to have extra clothes handy.  

What exercises/activities lead you to sweat the most? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comment section below. 

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