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Beauty Secrets: 4 Amazing Skin Benefits of Coffee

 Beauty Secrets 4 Amazing Skin Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is a staple in many people’s lives. We have all tried coffee at one time or another - helping keep us awake or simply used as a stimulant for an energy boost. But there’s more to coffee than meets the eye-lined, mascara filled eye. There are secret benefits to coffee that will make your skin sing!

Here are 4 skin benefits to coffee that you probably don't know about. Thus, you may just gain a new appreciation for these small brown beans if coffee is not what you normally order.     

#1 Skin exfoliation   

Coffee grounds can be used effectively as an exfoliator. Rubbing coffee grounds onto your skin will help remove dead skin cells - resulting in smoother, softer and brighter skin. Also adding a natural oil, such as coconut or olive oil to the coffee grounds, will create a more gentle and effective scrub for your skin.  

#2 Reduces eye puffiness  

When coffee is applied topically to the skin, the caffeine constricts blood vessels underneath the skin, thus helping reduce inflammation around the eyes associated with dark circles; this then reduces any appearance of swelling. Thus, using an eye cream that contains caffeine will do the trick in reducing puffiness around the eyes. 

#3 Tightens skin  

Caffeine is an effective diuretic, thus, helping remove water from the skin when applied topically; making skin appear tighter and younger looking. Additionally, studies show that caffeine also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by reducing cellulite fat cells by 17% when applied topically.  

#4 Brighten the skin  

The dark grinds from coffee beans are great for helping brighten dull looking skin. Caffeine reduces the buildup of blood underneath the skin, which contributes to the dark colors on the skin in certain instances - especially underneath the eyes.  

Over to you!

Coffee is simply amazing! It’s not a one-trick pony. As we now know, coffee can do wonders for your skin. So even if you’re not a fan, don’t miss out on the many skin benefits that coffee can provide.  

What’s your favorite use of coffee? We would love to know in the comment section below. 




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