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8 Essential Tips for an Amazing Waxing Session

Essential Tips for an Amazing Waxing Session

With the warm season tip-toeing its way close, there will be more skin exposure. To look your best, waxing is a great option for smooth and silky skin.

Here are 8 essential tips to follow before and after you wax in order to look and feel your best.

Before You Wax

#1 Let hair grow 

For best results before waxing, allow the hair to grow to a reasonable length. An eighth of an inch would be ideal. This will allow the wax to better attach itself to the hair and pull the hair out from the root; rather than simply removing the tip of the hair at the surface. This may mean waiting 1 to 2 weeks in order to allow the hair to grow to the desired length. 

#2 Exfoliate

The day of your waxing appointment, exfoliate your skin while in the shower with a brush, body scrub, or glove. This will shake loose any dead skin and trapped hairs in order to ensure an easier waxing session. 

#3 Moisturize

Moisturizing consistently will leave your skin less irritated when it’s time to go under the wax. The day that you choose to wax, use a water-based or oil-free moisturizer over the area that you will be waxing. This will help protect your skin from burning or abrasions from the waxing. Also, it’s important that the moisturizer completely absorbs into the skin, otherwise, the wax will not be able to grab onto the hairs because of the leftover oil left on your skin. 

#4 Smart with waxing

Avoid wax that has ingredients that will leave your skin irritated or cause allergies. If you’re paying for a waxing session, then disclose this information to the service provider in order to be sure that you’re waxing session is pleasant and most effective. 

After You Wax

#5 Cool the burn

Use aloe, cortisone or Neosporin right after your waxing session in order to sooth any irritation and redness. Rub one of these products on the area that has been waxed to calm your skin – immediate treatment will prevent any long term irritations.  

#6 Prevent in-grown hairs

Exfoliate between your waxing sessions in order to prevent in-grown hairs. It’s best to catch in-grown hairs before they become problematic, reducing any future irritations. 

#7 Shield your skin

Avoid any activities that will stress your skin after a waxing session. Your skin needs time to relax. Avoid exercise right after waxing – and even the sun. Your skin is prone to burning after a waxing session, thus, it’s important to be careful while under the sun, and to use sunscreen. 

#8 Put your razor away

Shaving in between waxing sessions to remove a few hairs can lead to in-grown hairs. Instead, grab your tweezers and pull these individual hairs out one by one. Ouch! But more effective and very simple!

Over to you!

Having smooth and silky skin during the warm sunny season is a great feeling. It’s important to be properly prepared before and after you wax, in order to ensure that you get the best results and that you’re not left frustrated and irritated afterwards.

What waxing tips have worked best for you? We would love to know in the comments below.

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