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6 Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated during the Summer

 Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated during the Summer

You hear it all the time: "drink more water". The saying has become a broken record. Yes, drinking enough water every day is very important - as water is essential for maintaining life. Water supports your body functions and processes, and is also great for your skin. Similar to your entire body, your skin contains a lot of water. The water in your skin acts as a protective barrier - helping prevent the loss of excess fluid. This keeps your skin nicely hydrated with an improved complexion.

Now, how much water should you drink? Aim for half an ounce to one ounce of water for each pound that you weigh. Since this value varies, also try the following: look into the bowl after you’ve urinated. Yes gross. But if your urine is clear, or very light yellow with a little odor, you are well hydrated. However, the darker it is, and stronger the odor, the more dehydrated that you are.  

We know drinking enough water is sometimes difficult. Your schedule is hectic, or you simply don’t have the thirst for drinking more. So here are 6 easy tips to help you drink more water.

#1 Take a water bottle with you everywhere you go

If you keep a water bottle near, like your cell phone, you will be more likely to drink water. So find a bottle that is appealing to you and carry it around. Sure, the bottle may be a nuisance at first, but you can simply leave it at your desk, in your car, in your gym bag, or anywhere else while you complete other tasks. Eventually, it becomes your sidekick.

#2 Create reminders

Add sticky reminder notes onto your computer and refrigerator, add notes into your phone, or write them in your daily to-do list. These reminders will increase your chance of drinking more water - as we tend to forget about our diet in our busy and hectic schedules.

#3 Home-made fruit popsicles

What better way to stay hydrated than eating a tasty homemade fruit popsicle. Simply add your favorite fruit to a popsicle tray, fill with water and freeze. Enjoy these on a hot day to quench your thirst!

#4 Drink fruit infused soda water

Instead of a sugar filled drink, replace your soda with fruit infused soda water. You can still enjoy a bubbly carbonated drink - but without the sugar and other artificial chemicals that are not good for your body. This will allow you to drink more of this good liquid too.

#5 Wake-up with a tall glass

Wake up with a tall glass of water. Make it a habit to drink this tall glass first thing in the mornings. Like with brushing your teeth, also make this a staple in your daily morning regimen.

#6 Glass next to your bed stand

Similar to tip #1, having a glass of water next to your bed will remind you to drink more water. Easy access to water will help you reach your water goals!

There you have it!

We covered 6 easy to follow tips in helping you drink more water during the day. Thus, make a conscious choice to drink more water in order to feel and look better. Remember though: don’t drink too much water at once either, because that in turn is not good for you. Instead, drink small amounts throughout the day.

How much water do you drink on average each day? What has worked best for you in drinking enough? We would love to know. Share with us in the comment section below.  

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