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5 Daily Habits For Amazing Skin

Daily Habits For Amazing Skin

No one has perfect skin - without a little extra work. Yes, some work harder than others - as they may not have the best genetics. Regardless, you will always find a great skincare regimen behind someone with flawless skin. We’re going to discuss beauty tips to follow on a daily basis for healthy and amazing skin - helping you get flawless skin too.

 #1 Combating the sun with more than just sunscreen

 Sunscreen is a staple in many beauty regimens when going outdoors - whether rain or shine - as UV rays can affect your skin even when the sun is hidden. However, it’s easy to miss a spot or simply forget to apply sunscreen. As a preemptive measure, always wear protective clothing and hats to ensure your skin is protected. Additionally, you can add a tint on your car windows in order to help absorb nearly all of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays - and will help protect you while  you’re driving.

#2 Removing make-up before bed

Going to sleep with a face full of make-up wreaks havoc on your skin. Make-up can clog skin pores and thus lead to breakouts and inflammation - leading to premature aging. To avoid forgetting to remove your make-up, try these tips on a daily basis in order to protect your skin:

  • Place make-up cleaning pads next to your bed as a reminder
  • Place a reminder in your phone at night as a reminder
  • Choose water-based, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) make-up products

#3 Replacing chemical exfoliators and physical scrubs

Large and grainy scrubs damage skin. They can cause micro tears, which lead to irritation and damaged skin. Instead, use gentle, yet, effective chemical exfoliators that contain alpha hydroxyl acids. Our Organic Fruit Acid Exfoliant [insert link] features a unique blend of 3 natural alpha hydroxyl acids: glycolic, pyruvic, and lactic acid. These organic acids are among the most effective agents used to reveal younger, more radiant skin - while not irritating or damaging your skin.

#4 Using water temperature 

Using hot water strips your skin’s natural oils that moisturize the skin. Instead, wash your face with lukewarm water and take showers that are not steaming hot in order to prevent excess drying. Additionally, avoid steam rooms and spending too much time in hot tubs. Moisturizer immediately after a shower in order to trap some of the water still on your body, which will allow your body to remain hydrated and healthy

#5 Breaking a sweat

Sweating from exercise keeps your circulation going and stimulates the lymphatic system. Thus, exercise helps transport nutrients and carry waste away from your skin. The lymphatic system cannot run on its own - it requires exercise and a healthy diet to keep it going. Thus, incorporate fitness into your lifestyle and don’t be afraid to break a sweat.

Over to you!

These obvious, yet, not commonly done daily habits build amazing and healthy skin. These habits also don’t take much extra time from your day, and once implemented, they will become part of your daily routine to beautifying your skin.

What daily habits have done wonders for your skin? We would love to know. Let us know in the comment section below. 

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