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5 Best Herbs to Increase Energy Levels Naturally

Best Herbs to Increase Energy Levels Naturally

The day crawls by, your eyes begin to get sleepy, and you struggle to remain awake. It’s difficult. Keep your eyes open - only for another several hours. This is very common - slugging through the day on low energy, feeling very fatigued. Energy drinks are an option, yet, most are packed with sugar and other unwanted chemicals. Alternative? Natural herbs.

Here are the top 5 herbs that will help boost your energy - better helping you get through your day.

#1 Ginkgo

Ginkgo improves the flow of energy at a cellular level - by increasing the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) within the body. ATP helps increase the brain's metabolization of glucose for energy, which in turn helps improve mental function. Thus, when you’re mentally drained, ginkgo is a great herb to ingest in order to feel more sharp and upbeat.

#2 Green Tea

Not only is green tea healthy, yet, it also contains a little caffeine that works as a stimulant to give you energy. Green tea is a great alternative choice to sugary caffeinated drinks. Thus, you receive an energy boost and an extra punch of antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and antibiotic benefits when consuming green tea.

#3 Stinging Nettle

A tea infusion with stinging nettle packs more energy than a regular cup of coffee - without the negative effects from stimulants. Plus, stinging nettle is rich in vitamins and minerals, which help support a healthy body, improving overall health and energy. The effects of this herb last nearly the entire day! What's more - it strengthens your adrenals, thus, building you powerful energy from the inside. 

#4 Astragalus

A great herb that increases metabolism, astragalus helps increase energy from extreme fatigue, and boosts the immune system in order to strengthen the body from the inside out. That is why this herb is commonly used among athletes – it’s a lifesaver! This herb is also typically combined with other herbs for an extra energy boost - as it delivers a powerful punch! However, even though this herb is very safe, you should avoid taking it when sick - as it may strengthen the virus, instead of you. Also, avoid this herb if you’re taking blood thinning medication or beta blockers. Always check with your doctor.

#5 Ginseng

Ginseng is commonly used for boosting the immune system, while reducing stress. This herb is a natural stimulant that is safe and easily absorbs into the body for instant effect. Ginseng is also great in treating and improving all areas of your body all-together - giving you energy through the stimulus and improvement of your overall health.

There you have it!

These 5 herbs are fantastic choices for not only giving you an energy boost, but also for the improvement of your overall health. Include these herbs in your everyday meals, tea and smoothies. Be creative! Enjoy the natural benefits and feel amazing! However, be watchful over daily recommended amounts of each herb that you consume.

What are your favorite herbal remedies for boosting energy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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