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4 Ways to Maximize the Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Ways to Maximize the Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Getting a good night’s shut-eye is very beneficial for the skin. Beauty sleep helps keep skin healthy, while maintaining and restoring a youthful complexion. In order to help maximize these amazing skin musts, here are four tips to further improve the benefits of sleep for your skin.

#1 Use a nutrient-filled product

Find and use a vitamin packed night cream [insert link] that will seal in moisture, while delivering nutrients that your skin needs. Apply the cream 45 minutes before bedtime, in order to allow the cream to absorb into the skin – and before your face hits your pillow. When you’re fast asleep, blood flow becomes more consistent; thus, your skin absorbs and benefits more from the ingredients in your skincare products. Take advantage of this nightly window of time in order to soak in the nutrients.

#2 Air in the bedroom

Turn the heat down or off in your bedroom, and open a window. This will allow a fresh supply of oxygen into the bedroom – creating a favorable, moist environment for the skin to stay hydrated. Skin not only looks better when well hydrated, but is healthier and better able to function as well.

#3 Change your pillow case

Changing your pillow case every week will ensure that your face is well rested on a clean surface. An unwashed pillow case can be filled with bacteria from daily activities, make-up, oily skin and hair, and built-up residue from dust in the room. This dirt and grime can then lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

#4 Sleeping position

Lie on your back. If you lie on your stomach, or favor one side more, you may restrict blood flow to certain areas more times than not – leading to unbalanced wrinkles. Keep in mind: you’re sleeping for hours at a time in a given position.

Thus, when you sleep on your back, you won’t have unwanted pressure pushing against your face. Rather, the skin and muscles in your face can sit in a neutral and relaxed position.

There you have it!

Sleep can do wonders for your skin! And by following these 4 simple tips, your time spent sleeping will become even more beneficial for your skin. Bedtime is a fantastic time to take advantage of all of the beauty benefits possible. Don’t miss out!

What’s your favorite tip from the four listed above? Let us know in the comment section below.

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