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4 Powerful ‘To-Dos’ to Slow Down Skin Aging

Powerful ‘To-Dos’ to Slow Down Skin Aging

Aging. It sneaks up like a mountain lion that stalks, catching you off guard. Look at a photo of yourself. There is a line that wasn’t there a year ago. A slight change in color on an area of your face that you thought (and hoped) was a shadow. It happens to everyone. The good news? The aging process can significantly be slowed to a crawl if certain steps are taken. You are in the driver’s seat. You have control over keeping your skin looking amazing for a longer period of time. And it all begins with the choices that you make.

Here are 4 powerful steps you can take to slow the aging process, which becomes more noticeable with every passing decade.

1. Diet

We are what we eat. Choose a diet rich in fruits and veggies in order to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and feed your skin with nutrients it needs. Thus, avoid a diet high in sugar, refined carbohydrates and bad fats in order to avoid accelerated skin aging. 

2. Smoking

Smoking will wreck havoc on your skin. Cigarette smoke unleashes free radicals onto your skin, stealing the oxygen that your skin needs. As a result, you’re left with wrinkles, fine lines and rough looking pigmented skin.

3. UV Rays

Using sunscreen with SPF 30, or above, drastically helps keep your skin healthy; because sunscreen protects your skin from premature aging. Also great to note, the bulk of negative structural changes in the skin come from UV damage.

4. Skincare Regimen

Create a routine to take care of your skin. A thoughtful skincare routine will ensure that you’re taking care of your skin properly, while using the best products with safe ingredients. Thus, a routine that includes regular and thorough cleansing, exfoliation and hydration is a great start to keeping your skin healthy and looking young.

Over to You!

What other staple tips do you include in your routine in order to keep youthful looking skin? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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