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3 Reasons You Should Eat Dark Chocolate

Eat Dark Chocolate for Healthy Beautiful Skin

You want amazing skin? Don’t pout, because it doesn’t require you to be shackled to bland and boring foods. Want the great news? You can enjoy dark chocolate while benefiting from its beauty benefits. Feel free to do a backflip now.

Let’s discuss how this sweet treat is beneficial in creating healthy skin, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty eating it.

What’s Important to Know about Chocolate

Cocoa beans alone are fairly harmless. However, it’s the additional ingredients in many chocolates that are the troublemakers. Many chocolates include a blend of high fructose corn syrup, dairy, soy, and chemical additives, ingredients that contain inflammatory properties that hurt your skin, and lead to breakouts. 

So where can you find healthy chocolate? The answer is in DARK chocolate!

Three Benefits of Dark Chocolate: 

1. Fight Stress 

Dark chocolate helps fight stress, as stress is your skin’s number one enemy, like The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Stress also releases the hormone cortisol, which wrecks havoc on your skin through collagen breakdown.

Thus, eating dark chocolate will lower your levels of cortisol and epinephrine when you’re feeling stressed-out.

So enjoy a bite, or five, of dark chocolate to fight the effects of stress.

2. Antioxidant Rich

Dark chocolate contains Flavonols, which are types of flavonoids found in chocolate. Flavonols are antioxidants that have several incredible benefits. For starters, they help protect your skin from the sun. Yes, the dangerous UV damage that brings those hated wrinkles, making you look like cracked cement.

They also increase blood flow to capillaries at the top layer of the skin, giving it that amazing glow, while allowing blood vessels draw oxygen and nutrients to better protect your skin against sun burns and dehydration.

Finally, Flavonols help fight free radicals, which help get rid of unwanted sun spots, fight aging, and helping with the prevention of cancer.

3. Moisturize Dry Skin

Loaded with calcium, iron, and Vitamins A, B1, C, D and E nutrients, dark chocolate replenishes dry skin with the nourishment it needs. Thus, it’s a great way to get softer and smoother skin.

Choosing Your Chocolate & Serving Size

Like anything, more is not always better. You can’t eat a large block of chocolate everyday and expect the best. Thus, portion control is important. Research shows eating two to three ounces of dark chocolate a week is all you need to get the full benefits. Find a high quality organic dark chocolate with 70% or higher, cocoa content. Napkin anyone?

Over to you

Now you have a reason to eat more chocolate. How “I-found-the-dress-I-wanted-on-sale” exciting is that?! No more guilt. Eat and enjoy your favorite indulgence.

What’s your favorite type of dark chocolate to eat?




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Dark chocolate intake buffers stress reactivity in humans.

Dark chocolate intake buffers stress reactivity in humans.

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